Oil & Vinegar: A Taste of Italy and More

Date: November 9, 2020
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Edgeworth Club

Presented by Hersh Petrocelly, owner of The Olive Tap

Have you noticed?  Olive oil and vinegar tasting is competing with wine tasting as a popular pastime.  With all the flavor infusions, the experience never becomes boring.  Various fruits, herbs, nuts,, seeds and wines are added to these pantry staples to create interesting combinations.  Oils and vinegars also vary in their countries of origin – such as Italy, Greece, Spain and Tunisia.  For this program, we will concentrate on those from Italy. 

Hersh Petrocelly will be the guide on this tasting journey.  He is the owner of The Olive Tap, a frequent stop for shoppers in the Strip District of Pittsburgh.  The Olive Tap is a vendor in the Sewickley Farmer’s Market.  Hersh will include an entertaining power point presentation on olive oils and vinegars.  How are they made?  What are the best parings with various foods?  What are countries specialties?  With all that knowledge, we will be ready to taste Hersh’s samples.  Maybe you will even go home with some for your own table or as holiday gifts!